“What’s so great about a Disney cruise package?”

It is Disney and every single thing works perfectly and precisely right down to the very last detail, and the entire cast and crew emphasize service, making you feel as if you are visiting royalty. The staff seems to know what you want even before you realize you want it.
Moreover, it is a Disney cruise. Therefore, it offers non-stop fun-filled activities for the entire family; and-surprise of surprises!-mom and dad can send the kids off to camps and classes, enjoying that priceless and exceedingly rare phenomenon experts call “a conversation.” Even the teenagers have all kinds of fun stuff to keep them amused.
Most of all, it’s a Disney cruise package. Translation: you travel in the lap of luxury, keeping everyone blissfully busy and frighteningly happy, and you needed no economic stimulus or government bail-out to make it happen. In fact, your Disney cruise package costs less than last year’s tragically failed “stay-cation.”
Boats designed and built for family fun
Disney commissioned the world’s finest naval architects and shipbuilders to construct Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, demanding they build-in everything for family fun and insisting they do it with Disney’s trademark attention to craftsmanship and precision in every detail. Moreover, Disney demanded cruise ships that recreate “the golden age of ocean travel,” the time in America’s history when a voyage meant more than a big buffet table, a smoke-filled casino, and another chaise lounge by the pool.
The result: two exceptionally safe and speedy, well-appointed and amazingly comfortable cruise ships exquisitely decorated and rendered family-friendly in every way. The ships soar more than ten stories tall, and they include everything from black-tie formal dining to hot dog stands and entertainment from upscale nightclubs to kids’ karaoke night. Disney has loaded Disney Wonder and Disney Magic stem to stern with everything every family member could need, want, or wish for a perfect ocean voyage.


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