Top Things to do While Visiting the Monument Valley

Top Things to do While Visiting the Monument Valley

Located on the Utah-Arizona border in SW United States, Monument Valley is one of the most scenic destinations in the area. Surrounded by huge sandstone and red formations, the place offers amazing views and adventure. The following are some great travel tips for you if you are visiting the area for the first time.

Take the most amazing drive of your life

If you want to see the most amazing sandstone formations, you have to take the 17-mile road through monument Valley Navajo tribal park with a jeep, a van or a truck. The scenic drive lasts around 3-4 hours, where you can have the chance to see the magnificent area around you. Many of these special red rock formations have been named by the Navajo people for spiritual purposes. Keep in mind, though, that this road can be quite dusty and rough.

Watch the Milky Way

Stay awake for one night, in order to appreciate the Milky Way. Grab the opportunity to ‘hear’ the rhythms of this sacred land by watching the sky and just stay calm to feel all the magic around you. If you love to take pictures, the best time to visit the area is between July and August.

Visit the Antelope Canyon

Observe the slot canyons (narrow passages), which are carved from the red sandstone for millenniums by wind and rain. You can also see the great sloping angles of the red rocks, which create great scenes for the visitors, especially when combined with the light of the day.

Learn about the Navajo People

Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park and not a National Park. So, this is your chance to learn more about Navajo families, who have lived in this valley for many generations. Learn about their fascinating local history, their way of life and how they managed to survive in the area for so many years. Just keep in mind that when photographing native residents or their property you need permission.

Before leaving the area, don’t forget to buy some cheap souvenirs from the various stands and tables around the valley, where the locals sell jewellery and pottery.


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