Cruising and romance tend to go hand in hand. Occasionally you might have seen snaps of couples in one of those cruise lines advertisements. The couples may have been seeing snuggling around watching the sunset, or sipping margaritas or some champagne on their private porch in their classy bathrobes.

Couple cruising can be one of the most romantic trips for couples of any age. In many instances choosing the right fleet, or line tends to be a challenge for many couples. Most couples go for these trips to rekindle their love or to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s why they need a serene atmosphere where they will enjoy cruising to the maximum.

There are certain methods used in choosing the right romantic cruising ship. Ships which offer options for eating dinner, date night spots romantic corners, cabins with cloistered terraces, extra special facilities, great lavatories and nearly open decks for star watching in the evening and lessening during the day.

Here are five of the most romantic cruising ships for couples

1. Princess cruising ship -Just as the name suggest this ship is specially built to cater to the needs of the clients and making them feel like part of royalty. The ship has suites and mini-suites. Suites contain large verandas and separate sitting areas.

2. Paul Gaugin Cruising ship – the choice for restaurants is excellent for such a small ship as this. French cuisine accentuated with Polynesian touches is served as the main menu. Services offered in this couple’s ship is top notch. The waiters will keep your glasses full with the best house wine and maintain the stomach full with different cuisines and desserts.

3. Windstar cruising ship – if you are looking for class and great style look no further. Windstar is the place to be. The area is remarkably quiet and offers a serene atmosphere to spend with your loved one.



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