Who wouldn’t want to see Cinderella and her jealous stepsisters or watch beauty and the beast beat the odds and fall in love? I certainly would! That’s what Disney cruise offers. Its every child’s dream to go to Disney land. Disney cruise turns kids dream into a reality. The trip gives the kids a chance to finally meet some of the world’s greatest Disney characters in Disney land.

Kids get to see the characters in action, interact with them and also get to play with them. Kids and adults get the chance to dress in their best Disney attires which make them feel like part and parcel of the whole Disney family making the experience to be unforgettable.

Every great organization must have a line in which its clients will refer to, that’s why the Disney cruise line was formed. The company was established in 1996 and is based in London, England. Disney cruise line headquarters are situated in Celebration, Florida. At present Disney cruise line operates four fleets of ships; Disney wonder, Disney world, Disney fantasy and Disney dream. Disney cruise line also owns a private island in the Bahamas called Castor way.

Disney cruise embarks you on a journey or family vacation filled with fantasy and unending fun. There are various gifts offered in Disney cruise line. You can enjoy these gifts and services almost anywhere at sea or at the comfort of your home. There are quite a few onboard activities for kids and adults to partake. Entertainment for the whole family is offered, that way no one is left out. Live productions and a variety of acts are performed weekly.

A meet and greet are scheduled for kids and some of their favorite Disney characters, later there is an autograph session where the Disney characters sign autographs. Music is food for the soul. Hence you wouldn’t want to miss all the fun in the deck parties. There are dance galas with open-air music which bring an enthusiasm with a bout of Disney allure.


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